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Sore but happy
Sore but happy that’s how I’m feeling as I write this. I have just had the privilege of a wonderful afternoon with Mistress Diva,again. I have been visiting her for a number of years but each session whilst similar is subtly different. Today as a PVC clad slut I was first bent over and received a considerable number of strokes from her favourite straps and paddles. However this was just by way of a warm up. She then requested the aid of Samantha and asked her to give me 30 strokes of the cane. Samantha, dressed only in a T shirt and her colourful jubilee knickers (see Samantha’s blog for details), was only too happy to oblige and clearly relished the opportunity to inflict on my bum the sort of punishment her delightful bottom normally receives. The 30 strokes were delivered briskly and efficiently but MIstress Diva did not feel that my already sore buttocks had been punished enough and continued to strap me with a variety of implements (she has a vast range, suitable for every naughty boy). She then allowed me a brief respite, as bent over the horse with my bruised bottom bare I was left to contemplate the remainder of punishment. It’s odd but whilst I was bent over like that I wanted the punishment to start again quickly but when Mistress Diva and Samantha re-entered the room my stomach dropped. This time Samantha was instructed to use the flogger on my bare backside and I certainly felt the 15 strokes she gave me, but not as much as the strokes that Mistress followed them with. She then switched to the cane which on my already throbbing bottom was an exquisite agony. During the later part of my caning I was blindfolded and by now naked. You can only imagine my horror when I heard Mistress bring in another lady who I had never meet to see my welted cheeks. She appeared to be impressed with Mistress Diva’s efforts but I was embarrassed but at the same time excited to be displayed in this fashion. By now my legs were trembling which is a sure sign that I am nearing the limit of my endurance. Mistress Diva gave me a further 12 strokes and I hoped my punishment was over. However she had other ideas and had decided to give my left cheek the same mark of ownership as I carry on my right. The pain was intense and I know from experience that I will be reminded of this afternoon every moment of every day for several weeks, but then I wouldn’t have it any way. Diva is my Mistress and I am hers to do with as she will. So there you have it, another delightful session completed and another very sore backside for me.


Dear Ma’am,

I feel compelled to report that the corrective punishment you gave me 3 hours ago has had the appropriate result. That is, my arse is very sore and tender, making it very difficult to sit, and only then with much discomfort. I just looked again in the mirror, and there is still bright red areas on both cheeks, plus seven tram lines on my right cheek. I have been administered to over fifty times during the past 20 years, and I can honestly say that yours was without doubt the most intense I have ever had. And, as you could tell from my reaction, your application of the wooden paddle was the single most painful spanking experience I have ever had. How I took 15 I don’t know.

The net result is that I will think twice before misbehaving again, and will certainly come to you if I ever stray again.

Tenderly yours,


Dear Diva,

Just wanted to a say a HUGE thank you for yesterday. It was wonderful, brilliant, lovely, exciting, mind-blowing, etc, etc… It surpassed my expectations a million times over and I’m so glad that we’ve found what I was looking for.

I’m especially grateful to you for being able to read all the signs both before and during the session about what I needed and how to treat me.

It was a very special session. I’ll count it as my first (even though this is a small lie) and will remember it forever. This is all down to you.

I can’t wait to return for more and will look for another window of opportunity in November.


I was privileged today to be the first of Mistress Diva’s slaves to spend any time on her wonderful new toy. It certainly added a new delight to my session, the feeling of powerlessness whilst suspended is quite unusual. I am sure that as she becomes more experienced with it she will delight in suspending her slaves in interesting ways and by the end of todays session she was already talking about some of the positions she would be trying in the future.Unfortunately by then my bottom was too sore from the thrashing she had given me for me to raise much enthusiasm but I look forward to her trying them out on my next visit. Today after a severe strapping and paddling Mistress used the longest of her new silver topped canes on my backside and I can testify that it was extremely effective and 70 strokes were more than enough to reduce me to a quivering wreck. As usual Mistress had taken me to my limit or so I thought but more was to follow as she then decided that her mark on my buttock required redoing. Sometimes I wonder why I let her do these things to me and then I remember that I am her devoted slave and it is for her to decide what happens to me.

Testimonial from another pleased submissive

Dear Mistress Diva

This is David, I spoke to you earlier today having come to see you last Thursday. I’m really looking forward to coming along next Tuesday at 6pm.

In fact, that’s an understatement. Last week’s session was amazing in so many ways. I have never worshipped a lady’s feet before on bare skin, and sucking your toes was incredibly intense. I loved being allowed to do such a personal thing for you. Continue reading ‘Testimonial from another pleased submissive’

Mistress Diva (an appreciation)

I have been visiting Mistress Diva for over 10 years and yet each appointment is still a joy and subtly different. Before I discovered Mistress Diva I had tried a number of mistresses with varying results, then one fortunate day, I chanced upon her. From that very first visit I knew that she was the perfect mistress for me. Her sessions are beautifully tailored to each slave and vary delightfully in length and severity. That first visit when she took me to my limit and then slightly beyond convinced me that here was a mistress who knew how to deal with a naughty slave. That visit was a simple spanking and caning but such is the trust that she inspires in me that over the years I have undergone things which I never considered having done to me. She has always been able to suggest new experiences and whilst I have enjoyed some more than others I am glad to have tried them with her. I’m not sure she will be happy with me saying this (and if she isn’t I’m sure she will make me regret it next time I visit) but underneath her no nonsense manner and strict demeanour there is a considerate women who is concerned that all her visitors have a great experience. They will certainly get what they think they deserve and possibly a pleasant surprise as well. I am grateful to be her slave and to carry her mark, and I look forward to every visit and count the hours to them.


Another testimonial….

Hi Diva,

The Session was one of the best I have had, if not the best. What was good? The marks lasted longer and I did not have any problem sitting down at reunion but was aware when I stood up or was walking which was rather nice. Also aware at the Royal Albert Hall where the theatre seats which were springy made one quite aware, but perhaps the best of all were those fingers of yours which were exquisite and delicious. You know what I mean. I wil have to find an excuse to go to London again, so keep a note of my threshold so that you can increase somewhat..

I found it fasconating to look around and see you sitting on the couch and your bare feet hanging in the air and the cane been used so effortlessly and the effect it had on me. This will remain as an enduring memory until I have the pleasure of coming to see you again.

You are a sensation, thank you thank you.

A testimonial from slave steve:

Magnificent Mistress Diva,
Thank you so much for a fabulous session. What a great time, I had a total blast. I’ve had all sorts of sessions, good ones, ones that didn’t work and some great ones. But of all the sessions, I’ve never had one where the mistress seemed to have climbed into my head and knew which buttons to push. The odd thing is, I didn’t tell you any more than I have told other mistresses. You were extraordinary, we just have to session again, if you’ll permit. Continue reading ‘A testimonial from slave steve:’