The London Training Academy is excited to announce the launch of its very first TV party on Thurs 14 March, 1-5pm.

Full wardrobe, make up and deportment lessons provided. All held in a beautiful boudoir nr Russell Square, Central London. BDSM/fetish play available with very experienced Dommes.

Discretion assured and limits respected
Drinks and buffet included

Please contact Ms. Xaste to find out more:



Thats a good boy make my beautiful boots shine !


Sore but happy
Sore but happy that’s how I’m feeling as I write this. I have just had the privilege of a wonderful afternoon with Mistress Diva,again. I have been visiting her for a number of years but each session whilst similar is subtly different. Today as a PVC clad slut I was first bent over and received a considerable number of strokes from her favourite straps and paddles. However this was just by way of a warm up. She then requested the aid of Samantha and asked her to give me 30 strokes of the cane. Samantha, dressed only in a T shirt and her colourful jubilee knickers (see Samantha’s blog for details), was only too happy to oblige and clearly relished the opportunity to inflict on my bum the sort of punishment her delightful bottom normally receives. The 30 strokes were delivered briskly and efficiently but MIstress Diva did not feel that my already sore buttocks had been punished enough and continued to strap me with a variety of implements (she has a vast range, suitable for every naughty boy). She then allowed me a brief respite, as bent over the horse with my bruised bottom bare I was left to contemplate the remainder of punishment. It’s odd but whilst I was bent over like that I wanted the punishment to start again quickly but when Mistress Diva and Samantha re-entered the room my stomach dropped. This time Samantha was instructed to use the flogger on my bare backside and I certainly felt the 15 strokes she gave me, but not as much as the strokes that Mistress followed them with. She then switched to the cane which on my already throbbing bottom was an exquisite agony. During the later part of my caning I was blindfolded and by now naked. You can only imagine my horror when I heard Mistress bring in another lady who I had never meet to see my welted cheeks. She appeared to be impressed with Mistress Diva’s efforts but I was embarrassed but at the same time excited to be displayed in this fashion. By now my legs were trembling which is a sure sign that I am nearing the limit of my endurance. Mistress Diva gave me a further 12 strokes and I hoped my punishment was over. However she had other ideas and had decided to give my left cheek the same mark of ownership as I carry on my right. The pain was intense and I know from experience that I will be reminded of this afternoon every moment of every day for several weeks, but then I wouldn’t have it any way. Diva is my Mistress and I am hers to do with as she will. So there you have it, another delightful session completed and another very sore backside for me.


Dear Ma’am,

I feel compelled to report that the corrective punishment you gave me 3 hours ago has had the appropriate result. That is, my arse is very sore and tender, making it very difficult to sit, and only then with much discomfort. I just looked again in the mirror, and there is still bright red areas on both cheeks, plus seven tram lines on my right cheek. I have been administered to over fifty times during the past 20 years, and I can honestly say that yours was without doubt the most intense I have ever had. And, as you could tell from my reaction, your application of the wooden paddle was the single most painful spanking experience I have ever had. How I took 15 I don’t know.

The net result is that I will think twice before misbehaving again, and will certainly come to you if I ever stray again.

Tenderly yours,

JARMAN part 3

On another recent occasion, on a search of the pupils bags, JARMAN was found to have a bottle of whisky half drunk, and his breath smelt quite strontly of alcohol, he of course denied this when confronted, and said that someone must have spiked his bottle of pepsi cola.
Exam results have recently been reviewed and JARMAN’S marks were appalling, in every subject he failed miserably, which resulted in why this school came so low in recent education tables, his art papers were defaced, and on his French papers he drew a pornographic picture, which shocked the examiner.
His parents have been informed that he is summoned to your study today, and advise as before that you have their permission to flog him as soundly as possible, and suggest that you put him over your knee first of all for a good old fashioned spanking, and then advise that you are free to use whatever implements that you deem fit, slipper, slipper, gym shoe, tawse, strap, belt, paddle, hairbrush, carpet beater, crop, birch,flooger and of course THE CANE…
You can also inform JARMAN that for the next month at seven o’clock each evening his mother will be giving him 60 whacks on his bare bottom over her knee, and on the weekends his fahter will dishing out 36 whacks of the cane, to make sure that JARMAN’S backside will continue to be very welted and boiling for a long time, and that he wont be wishing to sit down for a very long time……..


Rosebury had been ordered to the Headmistress’s office for yet another poor exam result. He was attired in his Prep school authentic uniform of grey shorts, grey shirt, green blazer with yellow trim, yellow and green tie, green cap, grey socks with yellow and green stripes and black shoes. The headmistress was astonished at the level of detail that Rosebury had put into his attire, but it did not mean that he would get away with anything.
She informed him that his history exam results were attrocious, 2 correct answers out of 20, she was incredulous that he had even done any revision at ALL. His spelling was not much better. There was only one  course of action and ROSEBURY knew there was no point in begging for another chance so after a warm up, she took out the CANE and told ROSEBURY to bend over assume the position and administered the strokes across his bottom, ROSEBURY then got up and thanked  the Headmistress. She then crooked her finger in his collar and put him in the corner for further testing, then over the desk again for further strokes, again and again and again.
After a serious amount of punishment he was dismissed with a flea in his ear and a sore glowing bottom, hopefully he has learnt his lesson but somehow she knows that she will have him back in her office at some point this term………


A few of my clients have asked me about the history of the Lochgelly Tawse so here it is. Taken from
The Scottish poet Alexander Smart (died 1866) Writing of his school days in Montrose, he describes the day he fell foul of his dominie, Mr Norval. “Sixty lashes with the leather thongs on my right hand, inflicted with all the severity of a tyrant’s wrath, made me scream in agony of desperation. My pitiless tormentor, unmoved by the sight of my hand sorely lacerated and swollen to twice its natural size, threatened to cut my tongue if I continued to complain and, so saying, laid hold on a pair of scissors and inflicted a deep wound on my lip.”

With sadistic beatings of this kind occurring in Scottish schools, its not surprising that parent’s complained. Sir Walter Scott Writing in his journal, December 13, 1826. Attended a meeting of Edinburgh Academy directors to discuss flogging. “I am an enemy to corporal punishment, but there are many boys who will not attend without it. It is an instant and irresistible motive and I love boys’ heads too much to spoil them at the expense of their opposite extremity. Then when children feel an emancipation on this point, we may justly fear they loose the bonds of discipline altogether. I was indifferently well beaten at school, but I am now quite certain that twice as much discipline would have been well bestowed.”

The Education (Scotland) Act 1872 made education available to all children from 5 to 13 years. No longer was education the preserve of a select few, mainly boys. A vast school building programme began and over the next few decades large numbers of schools were built and teachers trained the result was large class sizes learning by rote. Silence, obedience and hard work were expected and often enforced by the liberal use of corporal punishment.

The ‘ tawse’ the name is derived from the method used to cure the hide known as ‘Tawing’ Chambers Scots dictionary definition: Tawse, Taws, a leather strap cut into thongs at one end, for the use of schoolmasters to punish with, to whip, scourge, belabour. Tawse-swasher, one who uses the Tawse. Tawse-taes, the thongs at the end of a Tawse. Tawrds, a schoolmaster’s Tawse.

Over the next hundred years or so it would be called many things (often unprintable) Toosh, tag, tash, scudge, scud, the leather, the belt, the strap and of course after 1884 The Lochgelly.


Come into my office and stand in front of my desk.
2 offences against the school rules, one classroom offence and an exam failure. A busy evening for me and a painful evening for you.
I intend beating you for all four offences. For the first offence, I intend administering 6 strokes.
Stand in front of the desk, lift up your shirt and bend over…..
Stand up, go and wait outside and wait 10 minutes.
Come in and stand in front of the desk, for the second offence I intend administering another 6 strokes.
Stand in front of the desk, lift up your shirt and bend over….
Stand up, go and wait outside and wait 10 minutes.
Come in and stand in front of the desk.
BOYS who do not pay attention in class, arrive late and generally misbehave are regarded as troublemakers. I deal with troublemakers by taking my cane out of the cupboard and applying it vigorously across their bare bottoms.
I intend administering SIX strokes.
Take your trousers off and hang them on the back of the door. Stand in front of the desk and take your pants down. Lift your shirt up and bend over.
Stand up, dress yourself and go and wait outside.
Wait 15 minutes, come in and stand in front of the desk.
An examination failure ! We frequently expel boys who fail exams but Miss Bailey has discussed your case with me and we have concluded that with suitable encouragement you will work hard enough to pass the exams.
I intend giving you 12 strokes of the CANE.
Stand in front of the desk, take your pants down, lift your shirt up and bend over.
Stand up dress yourself.


Off for a few days for a well deserved rest after making sure that all you naughty boys have learnt your lessons. Wishing you all a Happy Easter x